The Quintessential Handbook For Understanding Online Business How To Thrive In An Amazon-Dominated World

By Rick Wilson

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Online sellers don’t need to fear the Amazon Dragon.

As C.E.O. of Miva, Inc., creator of a sophisticated enterprise ecommerce platform, Rick Wilson’s direct experience overseeing solutions for thousands of successful online businesses has facilitated billions of dollars in ecommerce transactions. Now, he draws on that expertise to explore the core characteristics of sustainable, profitable ecommerce.

There’s a lot of uneasiness in the air these days about the ubiquity of Amazon and the future of independent ecommerce. But I wanted to let you know that we have been here before.

The comings and goings of dragons are like seasons really – periods of amazing growth and innovation, followed by consolidation and identifying new problems to solve, followed – inevitably – by new solutions, more expansion, new dragons. You can count on this, and plan accordingly.

Rick Wilson

Inside The Book…

  • Transcending commodities to create unique products and solutions that land
  • The key elements every business needs to achieve “complete ecommerce”
  • How to enter and exploit new channels to maximize reach and profits
  • A comprehensive approach to personalizing the customer relationship
  • Identifying the right indicators to gauge success and how to act on them

About Rick Wilson

Rick is an ecommerce expert and published author who has recently appeared in Practical Ecommerce, BizReport, Retail Customer Experience, and the Sendlane Commerce Roundtable. He is also the author of “Dragonproof Principles.”

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