Principled Leadership for The Modern Entrepreneur Dragonproof Principles

By Rick Wilson

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The past two years have radically changed business leadership – new prioroties post-2020 now demand a principled approach to entrepreneurship.

Culled from 20 years of experience at the helm of the world’s most advanced ecommerce software provider, “Dragonproof Principles: Principled Leadership For The Modern Entrepreneur” identifies the 10 key leadership principles required for all successful entrepreneurs.

Rick Wilson’s unique POV as Miva CEO, podcast host, speaker, and author gives him a comprehensive view of what works for entrepreneurs and what doesn’t. His new book explores the intersection of technology, business acumen, and work culture as a blueprint for success.

This is a time for principled entrepreneurship. Ecommerce has rapidly become the cornerstone of our entire economy. Now more than ever, we need to take a principled approach to business, in order to build success that lasts through every season.

Through my work with thousands of Miva clients, I discovered that there are ten simple principles which underlie all successful entrepreneurs. In my new book Dragonproof Principles, I’m going to share these core concepts, with industry examples and top level advice that every ecommerce pro needs to hear.

Rick Wilson

Inside The Book…

  • How to co-exist with the “dragons” of industry
  • How to fight back against the war on entrepreneurs
  • How to leverage situational awareness for competitive advantage
  • A practical guide to aligning goals, strategy, and tactics
  • How to build a healthy work culture
  • Using brand voice with awareness
  • The connection between self-care and successful leadership

About Rick Wilson

Rick is an ecommerce expert and published author who has recently appeared in Practical Ecommerce, BizReport, Retail Customer Experience, and the Sendlane Commerce Roundtable. He is also the author of “Dragonproof Ecommerce.”

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