Episode 53

What The Microchip Shortage Reveals About 2021 Supply Chain Tactics

Auto shoppers visiting dealer lots in 2021 found low inventory and substantial upcharges on whatever was left. The reason was a microchip shortage, fueled in large part by sellers’ failure to adapt to Covid demand volatility in the first half of 2020.

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Successful independent merchants are dominating their markets by focusing on their unique strengths and taking steps to “Dragonproof” their business.

If independent ecommerce as we know it is going to survive, we must smash our preconceptions about product value, shopping experiences, and “minimum viable” software solutions in the shadow of major retail marketplaces. As CEO of the Miva ecommerce platform, Rick Wilson’s experience overseeing solutions for thousands of successful enterprise, SMB, and DIY businesses has already facilitated more than 100 billion dollars in online transactions. Now, he draws upon that real-world problem solving to suggest a winning foundation for sustainable, profitable online selling.

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